Only Little Once- Cinderella Inspired Twirl Dress

$ 48.99
Type: apparel

Cinderella Inspired Twirl Dress

Only Little Once

Our collection of princess inspired twirl dresses will be her favorite! Made from soft brushed cotton with carefully selected details that can be machine washed and dried for countless hours of fun! Our play dresses are designed be worn for "everyday" events like school, church, and other activities, as well as dress up and pretend play. 

She can literally walk out of the house as a real life Cinderella, wearing a practical dress meant for her activity level! We know that girls love to wear traditional dress up clothes out of the house, but the scratchy tulle and unbreathable fabric make them impractical.

Size Chart (please see diagram in photos for info on how to measure. Please note, dress should be measured lying flat.):

Size 2- Length 20", chest 10"
Size 3- Length 21.25", chest 10.5"
Size 4- Length 22.5", chest 11"
Size 5- Length 23.75", chest 11.5"
Size 6- Length 25", chest 12"
Size 7- Length 26.25", chest 12.5"
Size 8- Length 27.5", chest 13"
Size 10- Length 29.5", chest 13.75"
Size 12- Length 31.5", chest 14.25"
Size 14- Length 33.25", Chest 15"

Our twirl dresses can be layered with a long sleeve shirt for colder weather, or worn alone for spring and summer!